Our Services

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Meanwood Venture Capital offers the following services primarily to small and medium enterprises:


Informational asymmetries, high risk and high transaction costs are core factors when dealing with SMEs. Consequently, commercial banks and other financial institutions find difficulty in providing financing for SMEs.

Meanwood Venture Capital specializes in providing equity financing to SMEs. Through synergistic partnerships with SMEs, Meanwood Venture Capital endeavors to promote in its partners good management practices, operational expansion, improved efficiency and growth.


1. Debt Factoring

At a discounted rate Meanwood Venture Capital purchases debt from financial institutions and re-structures the debt accordingly with the client. In some instances, the debt is reduced and Meanwood Venture Capital acquires equity stake in that firm.

2. Underwriting

Often times SME’s find difficulty in obtaining financial assistance from financial institutions due to lack of available collateral. Meanwood Venture Capital can facilitate the underwriting of our clients loans from financial institutions.

In turn, to add value to the business, Meanwood Venture Capital acquires an equity stake in the Company to ensure success.


Corporate Advisory Services provides a platform for business analysis and planning. This includes assistance with business plans, Management support, Human management, marketing, risk factors, resourcing or resources etc.

Overall, we assist in advancing and improving current and future businesses prospects of a client.

1. Large Scale Enterprises

Debt Management Solutions

Meanwood Venture Capital purchases discounted debt from financial institutions and re-structures according to the debt acquired. This is with the exclusion of underwriting and factoring. We get involved in the repayment of the loan bought off from financial institutions.

2. Corporate Advisory Services

Meanwood Venture Capital assists in the analysis of a business plan, management roles, human management, and risk factors etc. in large scales enterprises.